Henning Pauly Complete Bundle

A bundle including all of Henning Pauly’s Guitar and Drum Programming Courses.


Learn to create the most realistic and best sounding drums using your favorite drum software.


Learn to create timeless Grooves, inspired from classic rock legends.


Learn to create drum tracks like some of the most legendary drummers of the 80s.


Learn how to play Blue Guitar and find our unique own sound


Learn to make your guitar playing more unique with Pedal Licks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know how to read music notes?

Not at all! Included with Pedal Tone Licks and the blues course is a PDF file and tabs of all the sequences and examples played so that you can follow along easily.

What level of production knowledge do I need to have before starting the drum programming courses?

Since most drum VSTs sound great right out of the box and already have great-sounding presets, you don’t really need any mixing knowledge. There is a whole lesson about how to mix drums, but if that goes over your head, don’t worry, you can easily work with a preset from your preferred drum software and get great results.

Do I need to be an expert-level guitarist to get the most out of the guitar courses?

Absolutely not. All the concepts taught are completely beginner-friendly and can be ramped up in difficulty and speed as you practice and become better at guitar. You can go at it completely at your own pace and, more than anything, these courses are designed to help kickstart your creative riff juices. 

Can I use the blues course without any prior knowledge?

Yes you can, we start at zero, but don’t expect to play everything at full speed. Practice the lessons and play them at YOUR speed until you can work up to the goal tempo. We cover all the theory as well!

What drum knowledge do I need to have before starting the programming courses?

Once we get to building grooves, we start from the very beginning, so technically you need zero knowledge. However, these course can not show you every groove and every drum trick there is. It will start you on your journey and it is up to you to listen to drummers, talk to them, watch drum lessons and performances, to gain more understanding of what those people do with those crazy little sticks.

What if I get stuck or need help?

When you buy the course, you are invited to join a private Facebook and Discord group where you can join hundreds of other course owners and all our instructors to ask any questions you might have and find help. You can even show any progress you are making and ask for feedback!

How is the course delivered?

Once you have bought the course, you can stream it all right from our website on our custom platform that lets you keep track of your progress. But if you rather download the videos for viewing later, you can do that too.


Henning Pauly Complete Bundle

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