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Create Professional Sounding Metal Tones Using Amp Simulations or full amp stack!

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4 months ago
This course is absolutely spectacular. It goes in depth and shows more or less everything you need to consider when recording guitars for amp sims, starting at the DI signal and going through all the processing and post processing you can use and when and how to do each step. It talks about what you need to consider when working with amp sims rather than with real miced up cabinets, so you can stop applying advice from the pros that won't translate well to the digital world. It covers an exercise for how you can train your ears to get better and faster results. It shows how you can use tools at many different price points to get the job done. If you intend to only record guitars live in the room, this course is not what you're looking for. If you intend to touch an amp sim though, this is an absolute must.
Una reseña en español, fue interesante todo lo que se manejo en especifico para cuando uno selecciona micrófonos que características da cada uno y el tipo de micrófono


Guitar Tone Mastery is that guide as a complete training system that teaches you how to pick the right cabinet impulse response, refine it with the tone stack, and put on the finishing touches with post-processing.

This is a step-by-step training system—not a collection of presets.

However, Guitar Tone Mastery did not always exist…

I struggled for many years, watching every YouTube video and reading every piece of information I could get about creating guitar tones.At the end of the day, I simply could never quite get it…

Many years and thousands of hours later, it dawned on me…
I was going about this process entirely in the wrong way! After I realized where I was messing up, I finally was able to achieve the tones I was looking for.

What are you going to learn?

In short, you will learn a proven, step-by-step method for creating massive guitar tones that you are hearing in your head with amp simulators. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Additionally, an ear training demonstration is included that shows how you can start training your ears to listen to the frequencies you are looking for so that you can spend minutes finding the perfect cabinet impulse response instead of hours.

Killer tones for any budget

If you think that this training is not for you because you do not have a great guitar or audio interface, then you will be happy to know that inside Guitar Tone Mastery, I use budget-level gear, and I prove through demonstration how to get great metal tones with budget level gear.

Spend time on music, not knobs

Seriously, when you get this step-by-step process under your belt, creating your own guitar tones will take minutes instead of hours.

Pick up this training today and achieve the crushing metal guitar tones you have been looking for… the only thing you risk losing are crappy guitar tones!

Meet Your Instructor - Scott Elliott

You may recognize Scott Elliott (Chernobyl Studios) from his YouTube channel where he does mixing tutorials and reviews amp simulators, among other things, all geared towards extreme metal.

What many might not be aware of is that Scott’s music mixing journey began all the way back in 2003. After spinning his wheels for over a decade he finally decided to set his ego aside and began reaching out to professionals who were more skilled than he was.

Fast forward to 2023, Scott now mixes and masters extreme music professionally full time.

His journey was much longer and tougher than it needed to be, and he doesn’t want others to undergo the same frustrations.

Scott’s mission is to sift through the noise, filter out the irrelevant, and produce content that helps others steer clear of the years of struggle and frustration he endured.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Guitar Tone Mastery for?

Guitar Tone Mastery is for any guitarist, musician, producer, or mixer who struggles to create metal guitar tones.

What if I do not have a good guitar or audio interface?

Not to worry—inside this training, I used a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (1st Generation) and a $199 Ibanez 7-string guitar. You do not get much lower budget than that. What is more, with the demonstration of my techniques in the training, you will see that even with budget-level gear, you will be able to create some massive metal guitar tones.

Is this only for metal, or will this technique work for other genres?

While Guitar Tone Mastery is focused on creating metal tones, the techniques shown here are universal and could be applied to any genre that you need. It is all about how your ear interprets what you are hearing and the type of guitar tone you are trying to achieve. If you are used to hearing rock tones and are looking to create one, the techniques you learn here can help. At the end of the day, Guitar Tone Mastery is as much of an ear training course as a guitar tone crafting one.

What plugins do you use in Guitar Tone Mastery?

I use a variety of plugins, but this does not any effect on the core information of selecting cabinet impulses and using the tone stack to define the guitar tone. You can use any plugins that you have right now, to include free or paid, and the techniques you learn will work the same.

Which DAW do I need to use?

You can use the one you are using right now! It does not matter which DAW you decide to work in—the information in Guitar Tone Mastery will work all the same.

What if I get stuck and need help?

Inside is an invitation link to the exclusive Spectre Discord and Facebook Group, where you can join and ask for help. Additionally, there are hundreds of members inside who are happy to help as well. This is an exclusive group not available to the public.

How is the course delivered?

Once you have bought the course, you can stream at any time, right from our website on our custom platform which lets you keep track of your progress and interact with your instructor.


Guitar Tone Mastery

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