Metal Drum Programming Mastery

It’s time to create the drum parts your songs deserve.

I present a repeatable 5-Step Method so that you can follow a logical, structured approach to drum programming that will allow you to edit, write, and humanize drums quickly and efficiently.

Each of the five steps are demonstrated in extreme detail as you watch me write drums for a song completely from scratch.

You will learn how a real drummer thinks and approaches music so that you can begin to think and write drums like a drummer.

Do you use Steven Slate Drums, EZ Drummer, or some other kind of software? No need to worry—I will show you a simple and effective way that allows you to properly study and analyze your drum software so that you can know exactly which velocity settings you need to use for each part of the drumkit in any dynamic context.

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Rick Mazz
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If you are looking for that over the shoulder, in the studio, internship style view into how to mix and master a Death Metal track GET THIS COURSE! Scott has really outdone himself! Every video is packed with gold nuggets of knowledge and insight. Scott not only shows the how of mixing this track, but the why behind all the moves he makes plus tips on what not to do and more! On top of that there are sections showing the intricate work that it takes to take your mixing to the next level. Then, just when you think it's done, Alex jumps in and shows you a great method for mastering tracks in this genre! All of this you can do in any DAW with any plugins!! Scott has a way of sharing knowledge that just makes sense and you can translate it to your own mixing immediately!! His courses were pivotal in me growing into a professional mixer and this one packs even more insight! All this at this price is a steal!! Buy it now, you won't regret it! See you in the Best Discord community around!! Now if we could just get Alex to grow a beard….
Raven Draknar
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The difference between this course and most others is that you don't just learn what to do, but why you do it. Scott has a very unique way of approaching things since everything is very structured and organized - like, identify what has to be done in the first place and then do it step by step in the most simple and effective way- just do what's necessary to serve the overall picture of the mix and that's it - no fancy "look what I can do" or "listen how loud, how impressive, how over the top" - here you are indeed taught what is needed to achieve a well balanced sound, what to listen to and WHY you do the things you do, so you can apply it to your own mixes. The result is a sound extremely powerful because of balance - tones that serve each other instead of fighting each other - with unparalleled clarity, which is just metal to the core. No overhyped, modern and trendy "am I not loud and impressive, yet compliant" bullshit, but a timeless sound that you can achieve with these techniques Scott has developed over decades. Few people really teach and share their knowledge like this and this is what makes this course stand out and more than worth it!


How was Metal Drum Programming Mastery created?

I did not always have this 5-Step Method—it only came to me after discussing with many 1-on-1 coaching calls and mixing clients. What I found was that the main frustration was just not knowing how to approach drum programming.

To be honest, I struggled at first to put my thoughts together to explain how to do it in a logical fashion. One day, I realized that I was answering a lot of the same questions and I noticed a few patterns of where many struggled to get their ideas into their songs, and then it clicked.

This is where the 5-Step Method was born and how I have been teaching it to my mixing clients and in 1-on-1 coaching calls.

Even more than the method, though, Metal Drum Programming Mastery incorporates all my knowledge as a metal drummer and my 20 years of experience programming MIDI in a neat, comprehensive package that goes above and beyond what I could do in a single coaching call or email for a mixing client.

The funny thing is, this structured method has even helped me write better drum parts faster and more efficiently… so who helped who, right!?

The Solution To Your Problem

This is where Metal Drum Programming Mastery comes in to help you as Metal Drum Programming Mastery provides the information, demonstration examples, and guidance you need so that you can write better, more realistic, dynamic, and complete drum compositions for your music.

What really holds you back from writing awesome drumbeats?

The biggest misconception is that drum programming is just a technical task that needs to be done at the end of a song as an afterthought.

Its Not Just Writing Notes In...

Not only is this false, but it has a huge negative impact on the overall quality of a song. The truth is that drum programming is a highly creative and musical process and provides you with the ability to give your song the extra dimension it needs.

As an actual, real-life extreme drummer that has played in many bands and has played shows in three different countries—I am going to guide you and show you exactly how to do it, step-by-step, with a real song!

This is for any musician or producer of any level that wants to create the drum parts their song deserves but know nothing about drums, how drummers think, or how drummers approach music.

Meet Your Instructor - Scott Elliott

You may recognize Scott Elliott (Chernobyl Studios) from his YouTube channel where he does mixing tutorials and reviews amp simulators, among other things, all geared towards extreme metal.

What many might not be aware of is that Scott’s music mixing journey began all the way back in 2003. After spinning his wheels for over a decade he finally decided to set his ego aside and began reaching out to professionals who were more skilled than he was.

Fast forward to 2023, Scott now mixes and masters extreme music professionally full time.

His journey was much longer and tougher than it needed to be, and he doesn’t want others to undergo the same frustrations.

Scott’s mission is to sift through the noise, filter out the irrelevant, and produce content that helps others steer clear of the years of struggle and frustration he endured.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Metal Drum Programming Mastery and Henning Pauly’s Complete Guide to Drum Programming?

Metal Drum Programming Mastery focuses on writing drum parts for death, black, and extreme styles of music while Henning Pauly’s course is focused on overall drum programming techniques for rock music. Also, in this course, Reaper 6 is the main DAW while Henning demonstrates his techniques in Cubase. Henning’s course is fantastic, but if you need to know how to write convincing blast beats, double bass, gravity blasts, and any manner of drum parts for extreme music, Metal Drum Programming Mastery is what you need.

Which drum software library do I need to use?

In the course, I used Steven Slate Drums, but this does not mean you must also use Slate—you can use Ugritone, Perfect Drums, EZ Drummer, Addictive Drums, whichever software you’d prefer to use. All examples, techniques, and the process of writing drums itself will carry over regardless of what drum software library you’re using.

Which DAW is used in this course?

Cockos Reaper 6. There are some elements of the course that use functionality found within Reaper, but as long as your DAW has a piano roll and you can write MIDI—you’re good to go. Furthermore, the 5-Step-Method of programming drums is DAW agnostic, and can be used in any piano roll or MIDI editor.

Do I need to be a drummer to understand what you’re teaching here?

Nope! In fact, all the information is given and demonstrated specifically in a way for those who are not drummers, have never played drums, don’t understand drummers, or how drummers approach music. You don’t need to know any theory, how to read notes, or anything like that.

What if I get stuck and need help?

When you buy the course, you are invited to join a private Facebook and Discord group where you can join hundreds of other course owners and all our instructors to ask any questions you might have and find help. You can even show any progress you are making and ask for feedback!

How is the course delivered?

Once you have bought the course, you can stream it all right from our website on our custom platform that lets you keep track of your progress. But if you rather download the videos for viewing later, you can do that too.


Metal Drum Programming Mastery

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