Mixing Extreme Metal

A comprehensive course teaching you everything you need to know about mixing Black Metal.

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Over 10 hours of detailed instruction from beginning to end, going from creating the drum editing session to learning how to prepare tracks for mastering—no stone unturned, no detail glossed over.

Every single Cubase pre-production session, the actual mix session, the bounced files from the mix session, the raw tracks, the original orchestral MIDI file and the kick MIDI which has the tempo and markers embedded, the guitar tone presets, all the raw, original, unedited drums and choral tracks—everything.

You even get my Cubase key commands and program preferences that you can load into your own copy of Cubase—you get absolutely everything!

Access to a curated, private Discord community reserved only for those inside the course, ensuring a positive atmosphere where there are no stupid questions, and everybody can help.

A PDF of the full list of plugins used and where to find them if students want them.

A PDF of the musicians that helped write and record the song and their contact information, if you’d like to reach out to them.

A mixing cheat sheet that details the steps I always take that you can reference when you are working on the course and future mixes.

What really holds you back from a great mix?

Mixing metal is hard.

Mixing a dense, extreme metal mix is even harder.You may have seen many YouTube videos of people showing bits and pieces of how they used a plugin or a technique here or there, but so what? What does that mean in the overall mix process?

These videos are always out of context somehow, not showing the full picture.

Consider This...

For example,

How did they know to do that technique at that spot?

How did they even get to that point in the mix?

Why did they do what they did there?

What were they trying to achieve in the overall aspect of the mix?

What about all the other myriad of decisions and details that went into the mix before they showed you that YouTube video?

Your questions, answered

So many questions—so few answers.

In short, there’s only so much basic mix balance, fader moves, and random production techniques on YouTube can do to help you learn how to mix metal. The root of so many struggles come to down to one thing: not having a plan or understanding of how to set up for a great mix from the beginning.

And this has nothing to do with you, because really, up until now, there was no cohesive guide from start to finish that showed all these details. But that is where Mixing Extreme Metal comes in.

Meet Your Instructor - Scott Elliott

You may recognize Scott Elliott (Chernobyl Studios) from his YouTube channel where he does mixing tutorials and reviews amp simulators, among other things, all geared towards extreme metal.

What many might not be aware of is that Scott’s music mixing journey began all the way back in 2003. After spinning his wheels for over a decade he finally decided to set his ego aside and began reaching out to professionals who were more skilled than he was.

Fast forward to 2023, Scott now mixes and masters extreme music professionally full time.

His journey was much longer and tougher than it needed to be, and he doesn’t want others to undergo the same frustrations.

Scott’s mission is to sift through the noise, filter out the irrelevant, and produce content that helps others steer clear of the years of struggle and frustration he endured.

Frequently Asked Questions

What DAW is used in the course?

Cubase Pro is used in the course, however the mixing and editing techniques explained can be used in any major DAW that has the same functionality.

What if I don’t have some of the plugins or instruments used in the training?

Not to worry—all session files are included for you, to include bounced tracks of the orchestra in the situation where you aren’t able to replicate the same sounds. Additionally, all MIDI files are made available to you so that you can experiment with different sounds if you would like to do so.

Do I need the same plugins that are used in the course?

No—a great mix can be achieved with any number of different plugin combinations, to include stock plugins that come with your DAW. The most important aspect of this training is to take away the mixing process itself, learning how and why certain mixing moves are made so that you can apply the techniques and change them as necessary with your own mixes.

What if I get stuck and need help?

When you buy the course, you are invited to join a private Facebook and Discord group where you can join hundreds of other course owners and all our instructors to ask any questions you might have and find help. You can even show any progress you are making and ask for feedback!

How is the course delivered?

Once you have bought the course, you can stream at any time, right from our website on our custom platform which lets you keep track of your progress and interact with your instructor.


Mixing Extreme Metal

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