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This is going to be a HUGE upgrade to your drum programming game. Every detail, nook, and cranny is going to be explored and the mystery of drum programming is about to be unlocked for you. No more confusion on how to use the many different drum libraries on the market, and no more frustration about HOW to program drums. It’s all here with the Complete Guide to Drum Programming and Henning’s two expansions. Have fun!


I’m not intimated to perform after many bands. But after seeing the Lords of the Trident completely destroy the stage I had to make sure all my stage moves and playing was on point. The amount of energy that comes from the stage when LOtT is infectious. Expect many props, sparks, flames and a singer who seems to be able to command a nation with his voice. 100 percent would recommend.
Grant Truesdell (Unleash The Archers)
Own The Stage: Vocal Performance
I bought this course to be able to create my sound solely for live show purposes (I am using Line6 Helix LT directly to FOH and FRFR cabinet for monitoring). This course is applicable for this topic as well as for creating a guitar tone in DAW. The approach is simple, logical and most importantly – effective. After taking the course and applying the techniques, I had a killer guitar tone in 45 minutes. I highly recommend this course for recording engineers and live guitarists with modeling amplifiers as well!
Przemysław Bachaj (Depravity)
Guitar Tone Mastery

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