You’re here because you need some help with how to get started with all this! We’re all new at one point, myself included.


I, too was baffled by controls on audio gear labeled “Threshold” “Ratio” and “Q.” I mean, “Q?” Seriously? To be honest, I’ve still gotta pull the manuals out every now and then and make sure I’m doing things right!

What you’ll be receiving is a three-part course via email, for absolutely free! The first lesson is “Understanding Compression” where I break down what a compressor does, into simple to understand terms with visual cues to help the new audio engineer understand the concept.

Compression can be one of the most difficult tools to grasp at first, but armed with the right knowledge, it’s easy! This goes far more in-depth than my Youtube tutorials, and clocks in at 25 minutes, detailing just what exactly those controls do, and how to use them in a musical fashion!Sign up below, and we’ll get started! You’ll get a new lesson for two more consecutive days, so you can build on the knowledge you’ve gained.

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