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Songwriting doesn’t end when production starts. In fact, production is just an extension of the creative process.

Spencer Sotelo is a highly in-demand producer and mixing engineer as well as being the long-time vocalist of Periphery, and he’s here to help you make better music.

Say goodbye to the frustration of subpar recordings and the disappointment of lifeless mixes.

This course is your lifeline.

No more drowning in the complexities of audio production because Spencer makes it easy with 15 hours of expert guidance that’ll rescue you from the deep end and elevate your sound.

Imagine the relief of finally capturing the essence of YOUR music, YOUR sound, and being PROUD to share it with the world.

This training isn’t just about learning.

It’s about liberating your musical potential and banishing the emotional turmoil of underwhelming audio production.

Are you ready?

Renowned Musician & Producer

To become an engineer and producer that people want to work with, you need to know what you’re doing throughout the whole process so that you can bring the musician’s vision to life.

It’s a good thing Spencer is here to help. As the longtime vocalist for Periphery, he knows exactly how to help you craft your music.

Spencer is going to guide you through the entire production process, start to finish, so that you have all the knowledge you need to start mixing with the tools you have right now.

For example, learn how to:

  • Produce, record, edit, mix, and master a song from start to finish
  • Create a clear workflow foundation for years of successful production
  • Pick the right microphones for the right source
  • Confidently EQ, compress, and saturate your music to get the most out of your mixes
  • Make your rock and metal mixes big, aggressive, and polished
  • Achieve hard-hitting, professional-level drum sounds
  • Talk with your client in order to communicate effectively so you can best make their vision come to life

Vocal Secrets Never Before Revealed

Spencer has spent years guarding many of his production techniques. In particular, he has kept his vocal production approach a total secret to the outside.

For the first time ever, you can dive deep on how Spencer creates his world-class vocal sound by learning his vocal production secrets. (You’ll even get his EXACT vocal processing chain!)

Additionally, you’ll learn industry proven techniques for coaching a vocalist through a recording session–this information alone would be worth the price of this course!

In particular, you’ll see how you can:

  • Avoid excessive plosives and sibilance
  • Sit vocals perfectly in a mix
  • Pitch Correct vocals transparently without artifacts
  • Process vocals so that they are clear and perfectly audible in the mix
  • Microphone recording techniques for solo voice and gang vocals

Maximize Impact. Minimize Bleed

Nobody notices a great drummer, but everybody notices a bad one.

Don’t get caught with your pants down and try to release a song that has small, tinny, unremarkable drums.

Spencer will take you step by step when it comes to drum production, including:

  • Microphone selection
  • Controlling bleed between all the microphones
  • Ensuring that you have correct phase
  • Getting the most out of your room microphones
  • Making sure you get amazing, consistent drum performances
  • Properly using samples to avoid sounding fake or overly processed
  • Creating drum sound that kicks you in the chest
  • EQ, compression, and processing techniques that will bring your drums on par with your favorite productions

Capturing the Perfect Guitar & Bass Tones

Thick, punchy drums are a fantastic way to make sure your mix is on the right track to crushing skulls.

However, your fat drums aren’t going to help much if your guitar and bass tones are muddy and undefined.

  • Spencer is going to help make sure you have the best guitar and bass tones possible by helping you:
  • Find the right recording levels for your guitar and bass
  • Avoid overly bright, brittle guitar tones
  • Kill unwanted string noise or fret buzz
  • Properly record a DI signal in order to reamp it
  • Make sure phase issues don’t kill your guitar tones when you use multiple microphones
  • Dialing in the right about of mids so that they have body and depth in the mix
  • Remove the right amount of low end, ensuring you don’t have tubby bass tones
  • Identify what you love most about your guitar and bass tones so that you can replicate them, getting the exact tones you hear in your head

Create an Aggressive, Big, And Polished Mix

It’s one thing to create a great recording, but how do you make sense of all of those tracks?

Whether you have a small, 7-track indie song or a blistering technical death metal song with 120 tracks, these techniques will give you the clarity you need in order to produce professional results.

This is where you’ll put it all together and learn how to:

  • Make decisions fast so you can begin “mixing from instinct”
  • Prepare your mix and organize it for quick, easy mixing
  • Maintain perspective during the mixing process so that you don’t get stuck
  • Ensure you keep a healthy stereo image that keeps your song sounding wide and expansive
  • Glue your song so that all elements come together as a whole and remains exciting
  • Couch your vocals perfectly in a mix
  • Make sure your bass guitar doesn’t disappear
  • Mixing tricks to make your mixes loud but not crushed

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Meet Your Instructor - Spencer Sotelo

While best known for his soaring vocal work with prog-metal titans Periphery, Spencer’s seat at the recording desk has become as home to him as center stage on the biggest tours in metal.

Under the early tutelage of recording guru and MixWave Studios founder Taylor Larson; Spencer equipped himself with all the studio insight and production knowledge an already grammy-nominated vocalist could ever yearn for.

While continuing to push the envelope of what’s even possible in metal vocals with his band Periphery, Spencer has also pushed his production and arrangement chops fronting avant-garde rock opera trio King Mothership and with his extensive production work and nostalgic pop-sensibility in synthwave supergroup Nik Mystery.

Sotelo continues to elevate the production value of his expanding client base with a thirst for knowledge, a true tastemaker’s ear and a genuine passion for educating colleagues and clients alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

For how long is the course available for purchase?

This course will ONLY be available from December 21 to the 24th and then all admissions will be closed. At this particular time, we have no immediate plans to re-open the course again until sometime in 2024.

Do you have an payment plans?

Yes! You can split up the cost of the course into 4 interest free payments during checkout via PayPal “Pay Later” or Klarna. Now it’ll be even easier to improve and upgrade your skills!

Does Spencer offer any hands-on coaching?

Spencer and his team are offering a very limited amount of hour-long group sessions, limited to 30 people. This is an add-on that you consider at the checkout page.

Do the multitracks of the song come with the course?

Yes! When you grab the course, you will be able to download all the raw tracks from the course. Allowing you to either follow along with Spencer or practice what you have learned after watching the course.

Do I need to be at a certain level in order to make the most of this training?

This course was made to show you how a world-class production is done and how to apply it to whatever your situation might be. You don’t need to have a fancy studio and team to put into practice what this course teaches. All you need is the desire and the willingness to improve at your craft. From there, go at your own pace!

Do I need the exact same plugins and gear as used in the course?

Absolutely not. There are many alternatives that can be used to get the same results. It comes down to practice and experimentation. Just because Spencer might use a specific piece of equipment doesn’t mean that that is the ONLY piece of equipment that will work in that situation. Remember: these techniques being taught can be implemented with any gear in any situation.

What if I get stuck and need help?

Inside is an invitation link to the exclusive Spectre Discord and Facebook Group, where you can join and ask for help. Additionally, there are hundreds of members inside who are happy to help as well. This is an exclusive group not available to the public.

How is the course delivered?

Once you have bought the course, you can stream at any time, right from our website on our custom platform which lets you keep track of your progress and interact with your instructor.

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